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No Smoking Day
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Finding week 2 hard already!!

Okay so maybe this could be something to do with the fact that i had a really stressful day at work today but i am beginning to find week 2 a struggle! I'm only on day 9 and thought I was doing very well up until now :( ever since i got stressed out in work earlier i've had very strong cravings off and on and they seem to be lasting ages! I've got that little voice in my head telling me "one fags not gonna hurt and i can continue to quit after i've smoked it" I've done so well so far and really don't want my efforts to go to waste after I've come this far! My head is pounding and feel so worn out physically and emotionally :( i'm exhausted (not really sure if thats to do with me quitting smoking) I'm strong enough to resist my urges but its like torture when they come!!! Anyone else experienced this? this is my first real stressful situation since i quit so i guess its normal to feel this way right??

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Hi :)

I found week two very tough. I'd heard of the terrible three's but after reading about them realised those feeling that 'typically' kick in around the 3rd day, 3rd week, 3rd month, can in fact hit either side.

Read, if you haven't already, all you can to understand what happens through the first months of quitting.

Most importantly, believe in yourself and know that maintaining a quit, whilst hard is possible and worth it.

During week 2 and month 2 I could have killed my nearest and dearest, however it's best to have them on one's side. Explain not only to yourself but to others, how you feel and apologise before hand, for any out of character behaviour.

Read ahead and read old posts as well as new............ get yourself prepared and educated :)

Stay strong :)


Dont worry its normal!

Hi Vaughnie,

Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit today. I reckon it is par for the course to feel more cravings when you are tired and stressed. These are critical moments and must be dealt with carefully. The way I do it is just think "well, i am feeling bad right now, but, I won't smoke today." Its like a boomerang effect when the nico monster cries out for attention in these times of stress/fatigue. This is when you have to acknolwedge him and then shrug him off your shoulder. He will be calling out for a long time to come, but, we are not listening. Sorry if it is rude, but Nicotine monster , you are so passe and bring nothing but grief. So bugger off and let me deal with things in a new way. If you keep doing this , it becomes habitual. You want to smoke, you think, but not today, and soon the craving passes. And hey presto, you have won a small battle. I am actually quite enjoying this little game and I feel stronger all the time. That is not to say that I also fear I will crack at some point. Just taking it one day at a time really helps. I won't smoke today. It's a typical AA method but it is so effective. Cos we can always smoke tomorrow, just not today, no matter what happens.

Anyway, I an also on the second week and I know how you feel. i am sure tomorrow you will feel much less stressed and so proud that you didn't smoke today. All the best. Just keep going!!!



That's the thing...when one is tired or down then it just seems such a struggle. That's true in all facets of life. Just so happens the facet here is stopping smoking and dealing with the craves and withdrawals. It is having resolve to continue to repeat that you will not succumb on this occasion. But the more you bed that in the easier it becomes.

That's the sharp end of stopping smoking...but like Pol and Rachel mention, if you read ahead and get an understanding of what's coming up then you'll become more prepared.

Stopping smoking is the best health intervention a smoker can do. The best things for us are not always easy to achieve. But they are achievable with a little constant effort. And you have started on that road of effort...so keep going because it does get easier.


Thanks everyone for your advice and support! I am trying to prepare myself for whats to come! its amazing it was just last night i posted that and looking back now i am so glad i didn't cave and have a fag!! I would have regretted that big time and it would have solved nothing! just created more stress if anything! why can't i see that when i'm craving?? grrrr i will beat this addiction! i'm fed up of it beating me!! :)


Afternoon Vaughn I think you are doing the same as we all have done, it seems that every so often in a quit you will hit a brick wall and you will need to get over it and come down the other side it doesnt usually last long maybe a couple of days but then it clears and you will be so glad you didnt give in to it, stay strong keep posting and reading other threads and of course giving advice because no matter how long we have been quit we all need support and a shoulder to lean on xx


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