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im on day 4 cant belive it :) only thing is my last quit attempt ended on day four because of a party i went to so today that not gonna happen im still feeling tired today but i think the craings are getting easier and my smokers cough is going already lets see how the day goes but so far so good thank you to everyone who put a reply on my post day 3 it really helped me get through i felt awful yesterday

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Hi Bev Day 4 and things will start to level out, you will also be suprised at how quickly health improvements will happen, I had a cough and cold when I quit and it went about 6 days after I quit amazing, keep posting as its good to see how well you are doing and for other newbies as well.

The weather being good also helps as well cause you can get some exercise and fresh air take care and keep fresh.


hi Bev

Your doing just 4 is fab. The first week is quite near for you & I think is the most fragile part of the quit..

lovely to hear you & big well done for getting here :)


wow Bev,

just look at how much more positive you are today!!!! It gets better and better believe me although you will still have narky moments, which as women, we are just allowed, so there!!!

Carry on with your fantastic quit :D


Well done getting to 4 days, keep it up, you've done the worst bit.


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