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Weird, weird, weird

Got to travel to London today, a journry I make a lot but haven't done since my quit. I am not even in the car and I am have the strongest thoughts about smoking I have had in a long time. I really, really want one. How bad is that, it just came from nowhere, and in my head there is now one almighty battle going on. This has got to be an association thing, I know I used to smoke a lot on stressful journeys. What a trigger! OK I am off to get some very cold water and be on my way, wish me luck :D

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But you know you don't need that...just remember all the methods you have of getting passed craves.

I, on the other hand, need all the luck in the World, as similarily to you I'm travelling for a meeting too....Glasgow in my case :rolleyes:



I get those association thoughts all the time and they are awful aren't they :(

I'm doing the water thing, I also have started chewing or puffing on a straw and I find chewing gum a godsend!!!!

You will get through it as you have already made it to month 2 so you are obviously a fantastic, self assured, wonderful person who can accomplish anything they put their mind too!!!



Take each step at a time smoking or not smoking the trip would have probably been a bit of a cr*p thing for you to have to do, so having the cigs wouldnt have made it any better just keep reminding your self of that, and get a book to read and some treats cause after 2 months you are in the deserving chair for the day, watch the scenery and remember not having to sit in traffic jams is a major bonus, hope the reason you are going london is a good one and not work and if it is work then think at least you get paid for doing it, take care and have a nice day x


well I made it there and back with no ciggies, dead pleased with myself :D . I was just a bit shocked this morning with the ferocity of the crave, was not expected at all. Thanks again for the support guys, you are all great :)



Well Done!


Hi shojam

Them craves just flipping come from nowhere did very well & should feel pleased with ikkle ole you.....Coz youve fought the mind games again & each time you are getting better at it

Be good :)


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