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Day 14 - Last Day in this Room

Well things are slowing down for me here... i'm still busy at work, so not too much time to post. Actually, i will be talking a break from posting shortly, i'll be off work and travelling for a few days at least.

The quit is going well, i felt OK today. Not great, but OK. The good news is that i think things are getting easier, although for sure, i still want a cigarette. Anyway, just taking each day as it comes.

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Congrats on your fortnight, tao :)

Still failry early days but you'll have noticed how good it is to be a non smoker...although that's somewhat tempered by nic o'demon dragging at your heals (pun not intended).

Whilst you are away on your travels remember to take along all those wee mental tools that you've been using to change your habits around from killing yourself slowly by ciggies to the new healthier and ultimately happier you.

Soon be 3 weeks...who would've thought :p :)




Congratulations James!

You off home to the family? Must be so exciting for you, hope you have a wonderful time.



well done james

2 weeks is just the will find that your ok feeling does get better..& you will have more great days lovely to hear you when you get back..happy travelling:)


Hi Tao, so wheres the moonlit star gazing night time chats, and weres the postcards, glad you have now reached a milestone in your quit, before you know it u will be at a month, remember what I said about the triggers and sitting in a bar especially there were you can smoke in side, have a great weekend and speak soon :p

And Hi Niko I think you are doing great but maybe you need to start a thread of your own so we can answer you personally


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