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Day 147 and Still Here

Hi all.

Well The 26th of January seems so long ago now, and it bloody well was!

Im doing great, Yeah sometimes I still have tiny craves but I have other things to keep me going these days,

Ive not only stopped smoking Ive looked at other aspects of my life aswell.

I talked my friends into staying in more often at the weekends and spending the money we have all saved on hotels so we can do a mini tour of the local towns, I believe we got stuck in a bit of a small town rut.

Im almost in a position to buy a house, The reason that I decided to stop back in January was because I thought it was my last chance to stop before I bought a house, as back then I thought once Id bought my own house Id have no chance,

I dont come on here half as much as I used to but This forum really helped, aswell as My iPhone application that tells me how much ive saved £600 and 1900 cigs not smoked!!!

I hope all those that supported me back months ago are still here

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Fantastic, you sound so positive it is wonderful to hear.

Sounds like stopping smoking was really a catalyst for all sorts of wonderful things in your life. I know your post will really help those at the very start of their quit see how much it is soooo worth quitting and putting up with the early craves to get to where you are now, and to encourge any of us when we have those moments of self doubt.

Well done you, keep up the good work and pop by every now and again to let us know how you are getting on.


Hi Quitter I am so glad you are doing ok and that you are still quit, when we don’t see some one for a while we think they have started smoking again so it’s great when they come back and tell us they are still smoke free, I am so pleased that you are buying a house, at least you will see something from the quit big time, and a long term commitment will keep you strong and give you a good reason for being and staying stopped, have a brilliant smoke free life and come back at 5 months xx


Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a relapse chrissie, keep trying tho.

To be fair it's probebly easier for me since I had only smoked for about 8 years.


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