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Day 8

Hi all, hope everyone's doing ok with there quit.Day 8 for me doing ok feel a little bit low, to be expected but thing generally ok.Really enjoy coming on here reading how other people are getting on, it help's so much coming on here,any way going to paint kitchen lol painted dinning room last week, keeping busy other half loves it maybe bathroom next week:).

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Hi Deano,

We are doing a full house renovation so if you find yourself getting!!!

I did an hour and a half of ironing last night and I never iron (apart from when we go on holiday)!!!!

My hubby nearly fell off the sofa from shock. This is great actually getting on with things rather than making the excuse that you're just nipping for a quick smoke first!!!

See you in week 2 soon!




Nice one becca,it's just a matter of keeping busy whether painting or ironing.I'm not planning on doing these things for ever, other half might think so, lol.Good luck with your quit;).


your home is going to look and smell great :)

very therapeutic once you get started . my problem is getting started!!

good luck and congrats x


Hi deano day 8

Your doing great mate.......When youve finished your painting you can do my house too if you like:D

over a week for you now ...gone quick that


Hi Deano,

Well didnt you do well, rolling on to week 2 and sound superfine, I know there are moments when you feel SH*& but they pass and the further into your quit the better you will feel, keep up the deccy and nice bold colours as in reds and purples, I want to paint our dinning room pillow box red but having opposition LOL will drug him and carry on regardless x


As always thanks for your support guys.i will have to decline painting your homes its took me years to get round to my own lol:rolleyes: good luck with your quits:D.


Well done

hey, Deano, well done on getting to the second week and not a fag smoked. I too am hanging on in there, trying to keep busy. Feeling really low today for various reasons I won't bore you with and temptation is racing through my whole being. Especially as the BFs fags were conveniently left in the house this morning. But I know I will feel even more down if I smoke, so waiting for the storm to pass. It will, i know. Off out to get some heroin!! Haha.

What I find the most confusing thing about quitting is when I am feeling bad - is it due to lack of my comfort blanket (the fags) or would I be feeling down anyway due to life's little worries? If it is the latter, then a fag would help. right? Yea, but only for about a second, and then i would feel worse. Correct. So no fag. easy answer.

Sorry for rambling, and well done to you!!! Stay strong, we can do this.


P.S did i mention my mother -in-law is staying for the week??!!!


Hello Rachel i started to worry where you where hoping you have not started again? well done for getting this far.I think we have come to far now to turn back.Had a bad night sleeping but i expected it generally i'm good feel ok.

i shall be out on the drink tomorrow for the football but no fags.Great to here from you, keep strong and good luck to all with there quit.;)


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