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No Smoking Day
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Day 12 - didn't make day 11

Hard weekend for many reasons.

Yesterday was the wedding and also a very sad day for my friendship group :(. I woke up in the morning with all the confidence in the world, and at lunch time the world changed :(.

No excuses but extraordinary circumstances.

Despite slipping up I do not feel like a failure so will not behave like one and intend to carry on as if it never happened.

Well done the rest of you.

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You're most definately not a failure - the fact you came on here shows that you still want to quit. So dust yourself off and get back on that quit pronto:D Whatever happened I hope you're OK :)


Don't worry about the blip. Nobody said this was easy, and trust me i know it's not easy, keep quitting and forget about slipping up. Remember, there are no benefits to smoking and far too many to list for stopping. :)


Yep thats it don't dwell on it just carry on & if anything avoid stressful situations whille your fragile.


Hi Zena I so agree forget it and move on, hope nothing that cant be sorted in the bad bits and hope you are feeling upbeat now, you take care and will catch you tomoz xx


Hi zmc78..well done on your day 12

good for you ...moving on & getting on with your quit....Just remember it takes a bigger person to admit defeat & it also takes more strength to get up & carry on regardless....(just from my past attempts)) ..your doing something amazing ..nearly 2 weeks...just brill :)


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