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Day 13 - Soldiering On

Well the days are passing and despite still sleeping too well... (10 hours last night) things just don't seem that much easier.

Basically i seem to be ok for a few hours after waking up. Then i'll turn into a zombie later on, still getting hot flushes and dizzy spells. This is pretty much two weeks into the quit. Other than that i'm doing fine. I really wanted a cigarette yesterday, quite ashamed of myself really... i was finished work though so i just went to sleep to forget about it.

I'm waiting patiently for things to get easier. :)

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I've just been out of the bridge wing of the ship - my old smoking place. It's 4am here and a beautiful, mostly clear, morning. There's a nice light show as lightning streaks across the sky occasionally, a light breeze and a very pleasant smell of burning scented wood coming from Sumatra.

We are in the Malacca straits headed towards Johor which is across the causeway opposite Singapore. We are due to get there at midday on Wednesday but i won't be allowed to leave until Thursday. I'm looking forward to it and i'm enjoying the experience so far as a non smoker.


It will get easier, it takes over your brain for a while but that does fade out eventually.


Hi James

Despite the dizzy spells and hot flushes (not sure I've come across those side effect tbh...... not from quitting anyway) it does come across that your in charge of your quit and each variation of emotion/mood it throws at you, your dealing with and coping just great.

Keep an 'eye' out for the flushes and dizziness..... they may be part of quitting, but I feel it's important to listen to your body and be aware. Too often I've read posts where people put up with out of character ailments/feeling for too long before realising otherwise and getting them treated.

Learning to separate what is life and what comes with it and what is from quitting is important.

Hope the other effects clear soon for you.

You paint a lovely scene.... good to know smoking isn't part of it :)


Hi Tao your voyage down the smoke free road sounds brilliant, I hope that all the sites and sounds and of course smells that will swill seem even better than they did when you were a smoker are going to keep you strong and constant with not a thought about slipping. As u will be in a strange country I think you will have to be more aware of the triggers, strange drinking holes and fun and games so be extra vigilant and take care, post some piccy if you get time xx


Hi james well done on day 13

Would just like to say it does get better from here ...You doing very well. Drinking more fluids mite help with hot flushes. Youve come so far now .ride it through ..youll be great. :)


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