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Day 12 - Sleeping Well

Day 12 is finished now and it was an interesting day. I think i was fine for a few hours after i awoke then then the rest of the day was one big craving in which i nearly chewed the side of my face off.

There is one good thing, i'm sleeping very well now. Too good in fact, when i finish work i can pretty much sleep until it's time to work again.

Since i was a little late with that update I'm already into Day 13 but ii'll do another updateon that later.

Still doing a nice steady 9 knots and steaming towards Johor Bahru, Malaysia!

ETA is Thursday 12 noon.

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Tao my friend you are doing great and sound up beat and ready for anything or is that cause you have eaten the side of your mouth and just talking strange :D hows the weather quite windy here and not to warm but looking better for tomoz so keeping fingers crossed.

I envy you your ability to sleep well I still dont go all night feel like I have relapsed into my second child hood as wake at least once a night, mind I was waking 2/3 times at the begining so it is getting better thank goodness.

So tomorrow is 2 weeks clear quit wow its awesome dont you think take care and catch on 2 weeks :D


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