No Smoking Day
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daily diary

goodnight all,

tonight I want to write on 3 months because I think is more right.

71 days without smoking: it is a beautiful thing.

Today I have been more quiet than other past days, perhaps it is beginning

the downhill of my walk.

During days I often think to cigarette but in a strange way: I don't want to smoke it, the wish is passing very slowly. I take no medicin, I work and I worked hard in my head to change my way of think,

I can say that all can stop smoking the important thing is want it.


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I agree it's all in the head and if you can change the way you think then yes definetly onto a winner Alberto. :)


how did you quit freegames, and by what method. It's nice to know so ppl who are using the same method can ask you questions :D


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