you are right

youn are right pookie,

it is certanly better post on month 2 but I didn't understand

how works this forum because I only join it yesterday,

today I have been studing a bit the forum and I have understood almoust


I'd like to thanks you for your wish in the football

for tonight. I just have seen that we stopped smoking nearly in the same day,

this is beautiful because we are walking on the right road together.

a notice for all about my bad english: excuse me.


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  • well done on reaching so far in your quit:D

    are you using patches ?

    your english is fine and let us know your advice so far on how you have managed .

    this forum is so good for helping us all .keep posting your progress :D

  • That's better Albert - you're in the right place now :)

    So how do you feel now you've been quit for 68 days?

    And don't apologise for your english - it's much better than my italian :)

  • I thank very much skylark and pookie,

    i don't use patches, i use nothing .

    I think to use anything for quit is money wasted, I think firms of tobacco

    sell us cigarettes and then, when one decides to stop, they sell us very expensive replacement products to quit.

    After 68 days i feel very very very well especially in the morning when I wake up: there is a wonderful feeling.

    bye all, alberto

  • I agree - it's a good feeling to wake up and know you're not a smoker anymore :)

    Buonanotte Alberto

  • One of my favourite things about 'not smoking' would have to be the mornings. I love waking up and feeling good. I had a bad cough, everyday i would cough but not anymore. It's great. well done. :)

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