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Ok, so I went back to smoking after finally dumping the guy I was seeing, yes I was weak and started smoking again. But now that I am past him and stuff I still continued to smoke even though I knew I was gonna stop just waiting for the right time (which should of been days ago) BUT...I went to buy a pack last night and it was $6.05!!!!!! WTH! I am a single mom and child support end in July I CAN'T AFFORD THAT! It would be $42.35 a week as I smoked 20 a day or less and $169.40 a month! That is just nuts! I made the decision to stop this madness so I got up this morning even knowing I had some left and slapped a patch on! There is no oh I'm having a crisis or stress in my life, this madness has to stop and not rely on a cig to make me feel better! What an eye opener! Last cig was a 10:00pm last night!

Mic. 6-10-10

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Hi Mic, well done you. If you have any moments of weakness in the coming days come back and read your post it will be a fantastic reminder of why you are doing this, and lets face it, it is not just the cash, your child needs a healthy, happy and richer parent.

You know how this works, so read loads, post often and take one day at a time choosing not to smoke.


Congrats hun best thing you could do for yourself. Just take baby steps one day at a time. Funny your saying about the cost. I have been quit 18 months and they have gone up £1.40 in that time. Just madness to keep smoking.xxxxx


Well done Michelle to make another effort to quit again, money isnt everything but when you think that one pack could feed you both a main meal for 3 days then it is scary, think of all the reasons why you decided to quit the first time and why you are going smoke free again and you will realise it is going to be easier this time as you have not got the OH probs as well, you take care and stay strong and clean xx


Well done Michelle, sounds like you are determined this time. Come here often and share how you feel, you will get replies to help and in turn your post will help someone else. Do some reading of the websites and other posts too to help you stay stopped.

Best wishes.



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