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6 weeks today

Well I have made it to 6 weeks without so much as a puff. Some days have been easy, others......well lets just say I'm lucky I am not doing life :rolleyes:. I was at a little house party last night and was one of the two non smokers amongst 9, and I must admit it did seem odd. I didn't smoke even when I had had a few :D, but at times I really really wanted to. This addiction is strong and sometimes I think I can't win, but I get a strength from somewhere to continue. I know I will never be totally free but I'll get to as near as possible.

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thanks Chrissie, it means a lot coming from someone who is truly struggling at the moment. Hang on in there girl, we will all do it together


Hi shojam 6 weeks is so good

think it will be with us always shojam tbh just think we get used to it and in time it gets easier ...xx

well done ..well over a month now good are you :)


thanks Kit Kat, I know, it just takes time for us to heal. I'm feeling quite good just now but very aware of what can happen. look at poor Chrissie...:(


Well done girl!

Big, huge, well done Shojam - you should be so proud of yourself. I think we all had a liitle too much last night and struggled a bit - but I think every time you get over a hurdle it's just that little bit easier next time.

So next time I decide to drink for England I'll be more prepared :D


Hi Shojam 6 weeks is brilliant, especially as it seems a really strong quit, before you know it you will be up in the high months, as you said you find an inner strength that carries you through the craves and I am pleased you have that, pity you cannot bottle it and sell it you would make a fortune.

Have faith in yourself because if you can go out, have a drink and all but you and one more are not smoking, that tells me you have the attitude that will carry you through all the nicco demon has to throw at you, well done x


thanks Jamangie, I think my hidden strength is actually a hidden fear. I have to be around as long as possible, my little boy is disabled and his dad is useless at the day to day running of things. So I suppose he is the real strength and fear for me. I hope this strength continues but I know the nicodemon is just waiting to slip in. Oh and I also now have an addiction to double lollies, you know the ones I mean, oh and white chocolate magnums, but one quit at a time eh :rolleyes:

Pookie, you make me laugh. Thanks


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