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Joining the quitting again team

Hi everyone

I stopped smoking on the 2nd Feb this year but over the last few weeks got into the just one syndrome yesterday I was up to just ten.

Today no cigs and i'm not going to give in I was feeling so much healthier but now I'm wheezing and coughing again! Years ago I bought a dvd to help you stop smoking the one thing I remeber from it is the hint to keep repeating to yourself I have no need no reason or desire to smoke guess I'll be talking to

myself and the nicotine demon a lot today.

So to all those who are trying again at least we are trying again and this time we'll do it wont we.


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I too had a good quit going but lost the thread in May and kept stopping and starting again. I'm now 62 hours not smoking - doing it one hour at a time and throwing everything into it. I want to be a non-smoker when I hit the beach in Cornwall in two weeks time. And not have to fret on the long train journey down there about when I'll next get to have a rollup. Like you I felt so well and healthy when I was quit. I want that feeling back again.

We CAN do it Roz!



Nice one Roz and Sue,

Both of you, like so many others, really want to stop smoking...once and for all. But it can be a struggle to get it started, maintain it...change one life for another when for so many years it's been easy to take shelter in smoking.

It's not gonna just happen by itself as you both probably are very much aware now. But how does one continue with a quit? How do some manage it and others struggle? There are many different techniques I suspect but the one that works predominantely is education. Understand what's happening and how to deal with each aspect of quitting. Read links that some members have in their mine I found the Why Quit site really helpful. But you may find the others more your doesn't matter. The main thing is that if you start to understand more the journey you wish to take then it's more likely that you'll get through the difficult stages of early quit, of a 6 month quit, of a year quit and further on.

Well done to both of you for joining in. Make stopping smoking your main focus over the next few days, weeks and months. Visit this forum to rant, rave, laugh and read.

Once you've got a couple of days under your belt start supporting others because there's nothing like writing up support to instill the messages in your own mind.

Keep on keepin' on,

Cav :)


good luck to you both, I am sure you will do it :D


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