Day 11 and things are looking up

Hi everyone, I am now on day 11 and i'm feeling quie good unlike yesterday when i was a bit depressed. I made myself get up early and got out of the house. First i went docs to pick my perscription up, after that i went food shopping with my mum, then i took my baby niece for a walk in the pram. So now i feel quite good, things seem to be looking up and i'm stil smoke free:D. Thanks.


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  • brill daniel... good on you day 11 done ..almost 2 weeks your a proper star mate ... :) u still eating choc chip cookies? :D

  • no i've gone onto choc chip muffins now haha :)

  • I'm really pleased for you daniel, you are coping superbly. It's amazing when you do something rewarding and constructive with your day you can feel like a new person. Maybe your niece will be a great quitting aid for you, walks in the pram now, trips to the park in a few months etc etc.

    Keep playing the guitar and stay positive, the future's looking rosy for you!

    Shelly xx

  • no i've gone onto choc chip muffins now haha :)

    hey daniel. ...more money now...youve progressed ...:D

  • Thanks shelly i think if i can through a day like yesterday i should be able to get through any day of my quit, i was just thinking to myself before too, i can't believe i smoked 20 cigs a day for 2 years its so bad, i used to have a cig every half an hour so so bad. but im trying to put a stop to that now which is a positive step forward. :)

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