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see ya ... wouldn't wanna be ya......3 months done

and thank christ for that....never, ever want to go through this again. Every time I think that I would like a fag (still too often for my liking) I just think that I couldn't stand to go through the last 3 months again, it's been hell:mad:

So many people have told me that the hardest part is behind me now, and from this day forward it will start to get easier and easier - I so hope that's true:) Would like to think that I start to feel like 'me' again, instead of some mad crazy woman (or is that the real me and smoking was supressing her:eek:)

Anyhoo, ta ta 3 months, won't miss you, never want to see you again:D

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Vicstar is what you are 3 months done way to go really pleased for you, loving your work :)


Hi Vic well done you for reaching the massive 3 months milestone, of course it gets easier


it does I promise hee hee take and stay smoke free xx


That is just so good :D

well done you -you must feel proud. twelve weeks sounds even better to me than three months !!

we got to trust these folks on here ahead who say it gets easier. no-one lies .

and thanks for the incentive I need to read your honest post.dont think you are a mad woman at all -if so your mate is posting :cool:

well done x


well done vicstar...feels good doesnt it...


Hey vicstar

well done 3 months is good wont ever be there again coz thats it now init ...No going back now xxxx:D


haha love your post! :D and well done!!! I think you should treat yourself! I want to catch you up :)



Huge congratulations on getting to 3 months - thats fantastic!

Believe me it does get easier - and easier and easier. I went cold turkey and I look back on those early weeks/months and it is without doubt the greatest motivation to keep the quit going. There is no way I could go through that again. Month 3 (and early month 4) was a huge turning point for me - I hope it will be for you.

Stick with it and you'll see how great it is. I'm now 9 months and hardly think about smoking at all.

Keep strong!


Hey Vicstar....well done on 3 months and so agree with you.

That has been my mantra all the way until I turned the corner a few months back....but even now there is no way I would even have one puff as never again do i want to put myself through the pain of quitting again.

Keep strong and you will get there....sheer bloody mindedness is a great quitting method.

L xxx


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