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English bull terrier girl crashed but is now on day 5


After my last log in and my determination to quit. My computer packed up and so did my attempt at quitting !!!

Im back on line now and this is into my 5th day of being FREE. I feel so bloody terrible (sore throat, sore chest, totally drained of any energy etc etc)... but I feel GREAT to be free.

I am hoping all my symptoms are normal. I am sleeping but Im still tired. I had more energy when i was smoking so i really hope this is going to be short lived.. Can anyone advise me on this.

Also cant seem to get into the habit of drinking water, still drinking tea. Going to have to sort that out.



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Hi Welcome Back EBG

nice to see you again, now your computer id fully functional expect to see you posting again. Well done too on the quit nicely done 5 days is none to shabby good luck hope it all works out for you this time sure it will :)


At least you have got back into not smoking again and that’s as good as it gets, hopefully your blip will have made you realise how easy it is to fall foul of the nicco demon and smoke again, also it may make you become more determined to stay quit this time and to move forward knowing what it’s like to go back.

I too struggle when I can’t use the comp but I would be so gutted if I smoked again, I’m not saying that the idea does not cross my mind at least once a day, because it does, and I so miss the habit but I made the promise to myself and I must stick by it the same as you must do for yourself, it’s so good that the forum has helped you to get back on track as well, so keep posting and keep smoke free, good luck and hugs and xx.


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