9 months done!

Well here we are - and only a day late! (Cheers Jase - read your earlier message).

Now I know what it must be like to give birth - after 9 months the relief!! (HA!).

Am feeling good - its getting easier and easier - although I must say had to get my guard up a week or so back with all the lovely sunny weather. Was in a beer garden and REALLY WANTED a cig. I didn't tho - and it passed very quickly but it really hit me out of leftfield.

Anyway - I'm good - hope all you are as well.


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  • Thanks for the post Atomic,

    Nice to hear from someone living in the real world(nicotine free). Unlike us neurotic newbies! Been a hell of a couple of days.

    Very well done on your landmark.

  • Peter

    Cheers mate. Its good to be here. I remember those early days. Stay strong and positive - it really will be worth it.

    Post often - this site got me through this.

    Good luck.


    I hope you got what you wanted LOL

    Celebrate cause you deserve it

    3 more and into the penthouse you go

  • I know what you mean about beer gardens, but well done for conquering what lets face it was a major trigger for you.

    Onwards you go, and really glad as always to see your post.

    Well done Atomicguy!!! :)


  • Well done, I'm there tomorrow! Now where is that grumpy yank??

  • Well done AG .....9 months is fantastic 3/4 of the journey to the penthouse completed . :D

    Regards Trev

    Quit 28th april 09

    3 months patches

    10 months C.T

  • Well done atomicguy flying through it now mate good on you fella :)

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