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Hot flushes

So weird, have been breezing through(excluding 1st 3 days of course) until about 3 hours ago. Now feel hot and anxious. Also went through the breakup of my marriage at the beginning of the year, so I'm not sure if I'm just having a bad day on that front as well:confused:. I know I am not going to smoke though.

I am enjoying controlling something that I know to be so bad for me, with absolutely no redeeming qualities. It is giving me the confidence to tackle other aspects of my life I am not crazy about.

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Hi Peter,

just read your post -and am very sorry to hear that you are having a rough day.

those feelings are horrible-and sure make you feel vulnerable .

good to know that you are not going to smoke though.

I am an anxious person anyway -so not the person to advise I think.

just again what I have read says it is normal -and will pass my friend. hang on Peter -lots of water I believe and remind yourself how far you have come.

given the fact that you are already getting over a marriage breakup as well.

I couldnt have done it -and really admire your resolve .

understand totally the needing to get some control back too. I like that feeling too.

I will think more on anything more I can say that maybe helpful . not something to be rattled off with out thought .

Probably not what you want - but I send a cyber hug to one of my cyber quitters :eek::eek:


Well done, Peter, you've done the toughest part, first 3 day are the hardest they say. You'll get those moments when things seem impossible but if you work through it, it gets easier each time. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure you'll feel better again, everything seems better after a good nights rest, take care!


Whew, thanks for the replies. Yes tomorrow is another day. I suppose I have to have days like this to remind me how tough this is, and therefor not fall into the trap of thinking quitting is easy. Leading to the next addicted thought: I can just quit after each cigarette I feel like having. Dont know if I'm making sense, feeling a bit manic:eek:


your making perfect sense .

and I tell you now that just one cigarette will not be just one .

fallen for that so many times Peter. cos we dont just buy one cig-it comes in a pack of ten -and those cigs will draw you in to smoking again.

you have done so well -and you have also said you dont want to let your forum pals down either. a bit blackmail ?

please keep going.



Blackmail always good:)

Have no fear, I am not lighting up again ever. Just want to share how I'm feeling so that whoever else out there is where I am today doesn't feel alone. I know it will be better tomorrow and todays experience will only serve to give me strength. Also, what would I have done if I didn't have the forum to vent to?

Thanks for caring.



pheew ;););

thank goodness :)-you are not going to smoke -I can now do blackmail -and I am alone in venting!!

I call it ranting . your venting sounds nicer :cool:


Hi Peter and Sky (Can I include you both please as your are quit buddies),

I feel for you both reading your posts I felt awful too, perhaps you should read some of my old posts, but having just read some of them, perhaps not.

You will feel so many new emotions over the next few weeks, dizziness is normal as oxygen is reaching your brain without nicotine for the first time in ages. Everything in your body is changing and will continue to over the next few weeks/months without nicotine, please read some of the articles on the link below it will really help you both understand nicotine. changes in you

Keep going, stay strong, deep breaths, exercise is great when the cravings get bad, run, scream, jump up and down, drink loads of water .

You are both strong people who want to quit so I am sure you will succeed, Peter is being really brave having gone through a relationship split and sky has obviously had some problems in her life but you both are still quitting.

Well done to you both, no negative thoughts now, you can do this, truly.

I think you are doing great.

Dee xxx


Hope you got through the day ok Peter. You have the World cup coming up. Wont it be nice to sit through whole games without having to duck out for a ciggie? Stay strong springbok........


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