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I'm going have the cleanest house in Wilts today!!

Hi All

Well today is a weird day its my first day by myself.....and all ready I am fighting with my demon. I don't understand why its harder today, I work with smokers that doesn't bother me, my boyfriend still smokes that doesn't bother me. Every morning since May the 10th (minus a weekend blip) I have got up and done the same things, cup of tea, this forum, ready for work and off i go no problems. Today is different from the minute my eye opened I found myself planning my day around when i could smoke.....right i'll get up have a cuppa and a fag, then i'll sort the washing out and have another cuppa and a fag. Then i remembered with a tummy flip I don't smoke anymore. I have not and will not give i type i am chewing on my inhalator trying to work through this. I think i'll start with cleaning up stairs and work my way down and by the time I get to the kitchen (previous smoking venue). This horrible craving will have been bleached and mr muscled out of me.

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ahh, the housework dilemma!

Hi Michelle,

Firstly, you will fight it, I'm sure of that!

I remember posting a similar "housework" related post. I used to "treat" myself to a ciggie and a cuppa after hoovering, then after polishing, then after changing the sheets etc etc. What I did find was how much quicker the housework got done when not stopping for fag breaks!!

Then i changed to hoover, forum, polish, forum, sheet change forum!!! I don't get on here much nowadays, but still like to have a read what people are up to, but your post struck a chord.

It does get easier.

Get cleaning, just think how fresh your house will smell, and it will stay that way!



Thanks Beccy

Housework is now done( wish I had a bigger house today!!) I've been shopping and now I'm thinking about making a start on cleaning the car inside and out!! This forum is fab and like on a previous post today somebody has said about people who have made it still coming on and giving support. Thank you for your support, and have a lovely day

Michelle xx


oh the guilt:(:(:(

I am so glad you posted this. the reward feeling for doing a job-have a cig-do another one -have a fag etc. this is why I know I failed so often. other situations like work , social occasions I managed fine .but not with housework.

So -I havent done any proper cleaning for a while-just the obvious essentials[in case you think I am a real mucky pup]

going to have to do it though . just find the thought really hard.

I am really proud of you for doing it .the incentive I need.

so the feather duster is out -and the flash on the kitchen bench.

was in the supermarket the other day with hubby and we went into the household cleaning isle. well you dont want anything here says him with a smile.

I can hear the girls shouting now -ah hem -can you not lift the duster ? :rolleyes:

take care xx


Hi babe it will pass and you know it, the bank hols dont help havent you got anthing nice to eat and then go and sunbathe, mind its windy here so maybe there too, plan camping that will take your mind off it, do your nails thats also a good diversion and soak nails first you cant smoke with wet hands, dont wear your self out or you want feel relaxed just knackered take care xxx


Michelle, those days will sneak up on you..... you'll have good days and then all of a sudden you'll crave one like hell. Its usually a trigger, like cleaning, sunshine, meeting someone you used to smoke with, anything really.... sometimes you may just crave one cause you are pms ing or cause you're mad or frustrated..... if you stay committed to your quit and work through those bad moments, you'll get stronger each day.... whilst those moments may happen frequently now, in just a short time they fade more and more. Cleaning is a good way to kill a crave, better than eating :D



Thanks Guys

Well the house is gleaming and so is the car. Thats that done and I worked through it all.....

Jamangie that is a top idea about the nails they defo need doing now as my hands are battered!! ;) Planning camping trip is tonights task, will let you know if I actually get around to booking anything, spend so long trying to decide where to go.....can't make decisions to save my life!!:confused:

Skylark I know what you mean, but i got through it with the music pumping the only problem is I have discovered that the kitchen could do with a coat of paint! :rolleyes: Thats now my plan for this week as I am off work for the half term so its off to homebase for me tomorrow to get me some paint to freshen up the kitchen walls! Now that sounds like i'm a right dirtbag!! xx


Hee Hee you will be in your element, let me know where you decide as I now have all the kit and cant make the decision like you of were to go, we want fishing as well and electric hookup and good showers and to take pets and food on site and good company, ah well the list is endless as yours probably is LOL XX


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