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6 months plus

Hi all in the 6 month plus room, well I joined you wednesday, 6 months smoke free.

not sure why but I have been thinking about smoking not sure why?

I know I wont smoke bacause I do not want to polute my body, waste my money and stink the house out.

I am sure it will pass. has the thoughts of smoking crept on others at this point in the quit

question, at what point does the weight gain level out. I have put on 1 stone in 6 months and I know I am not eating loads more then usual?

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I am like you I have waves of craves but want smoke so let them float through my brain, as for the weight gain I eat healthier now than I have ever eaten but cant seem to lose the excess, I am sure that if I jogged every day it would go, but too old at my age to start :D

So will continue to keep eating good food and not too much and I think it will shift eventually, I really hope it will any way, well done on your 6 months quit xx


Hi, and happy six months to you. Weight gain, yes got it here too, just over half a stone, don't know whether the nicotine would speed the metabolism, I know it used to supress my appetite so no suprises there on the weight! Still, better to be a little curvier than have that stink all the time eh.

Lorraine :)


hi jamangie n lorraine

yes better to be fatter than smelly lol

we can do it, keep smoke free and healthy




Hiya Sue

fantastic stuff 6 months is maga congratulations tigger wonderfully done :) xx


Big Congrats to you .. 6 months plus is cool!, do you know the date when you quit?

Well done on such a great quit!



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