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100th day


So I'm in to triple figures. Today is my 100th day without a cigarette! :D

I've been largely lurking on here and not posting but this forum has been a help, no mistake about that! Thanks to everyone for their help, even if you didn't know you were helping me! I really should make an effort to post more and try to give something back...!

Anyway, here's to the next 100. I honestly don't miss it. Much, anyway!

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reading your post now -even if you dont post often -has helped me tonight .

one word


Thanks and huge congratulations.xx


Thank you, skylark, that's just lovely!

that is totally amazing...feels fantastic doesnt it?? heres to the next ton up!!!

Guy 100 DAYS is a brilliant achievement and a great milestone, a slap on the back is in order I’m sure.

You have the right attitude and that’s half way to a good and sustainable quit, you said you don’t think about it much, well it will get where you only think about it when there is a major trigger and the longer you stay quit the less triggers there will be as the day to day living learns to be smoke free.

Health wise you are obviously now feeling some real benefits and there will be more as time goes by, so well done and keep reading if that’s as much as you need to stay quit, but it is nice to hear from you and how you are getting on, and for you to give advice and encouragement to those coming up behind.

Really well done on the 100 days, hope your quit is beginning to feel good.

Keep going, it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.


Well done Guy,

Thanks for posting, it's what makes this site so effective.

Well done.

Nuff said!!

Thank you all!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely replies & support. It's given me a warm fuzzy!

110 days now and still the buggers haven't got me...

well done on 110 days then.......keep up the good work and please share your tips, they are a great help to all us newbies :D

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