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day 2..... going well!

well im here day 2 nearly over.... bin a long day today.. still no fags though to which im soooo proud... went a walk earlier just to stay busy an keep my mind off having a fag... dont seem to be having cravings as such its gettin out of the habbit of wen i get up in the morning or after lunch lighting a fag up.... done well though polos an chewing gum has bin my saviour!! any other tips u can give me wud be gr8. :D

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well done on day 2, you r doing great, read all the posts and keep us infromed of how you are's to day 3


Hi kenco

well done day 2

proud you should be. ...brilliant

what method are you doing it?

i too find chewing gum & toffees help lots:D

tips exercise (maybe) /..making things*craft stuff))........... keeping buzy a lot & keep reminding ureself how good you are & that you are doing something amazing :)

day 3 almost


Thank u shojam..... have read some of the other posts an have found some great tips... will be using them to get me through days 34567ect!

Hiya kitkat.... started off cold turkey as was in intensive care at the time with double pneumonia so as u can imagine that had put me off smokin compleatly..... unfortunatly as soon as i was out of itu i had a fag :mad:.... was pretty annoyed as ashamed of my self so booked in to c nurse an started on champix..... wasnt convinced.... But after day 9/10 actually didnt want a fag :D.... day 12 of the champix was my quit date an that was it no fag for 2 days now :) so chuffed wasnt summit i ever thought i had the will power to do.... thanku for the tips i will be using them to keep my self busy an keep telling myself y i have quit. :)


theta brought it back to me my father died in september last year from pneumonia due to smoking 40 a day for 60 years...thats when I decided to stop for good (again)...I sat with my dad and watched him pass away and it hurt like crazy still does..I am not having a go at you m8 its just brought it back to me why I am doing this so thanks....


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