No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Today as gone quite well so far, and it as been quite easy. I don't feel as if i want to smoke at all which can only be good. I have been out to town and got myself some shorts and a couple of t-shirts, I usualy have a cig when I'm waiting for the bus outside the bus station. It's alot easier to just go in the bus station and sit down to wait for the bus. I'm just going to relax now for the rest of the day and take it easy, because when I'm stressed I'm much more likely to want a cig. Thanks.


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Hi daniel

well done day 4

shopping is good:) ..glad to hear you dont want to smoke...ure doing good ...almost a week ...we can then celebrate with choc chip cookies :D


Yer im not to far off a week, the next couple of days are important, days 5 and 6 are the days which i failed, on my last 2 attempts. So i am gonna take it really easy now, just play my guitar, take my baby niece out for walks and go on my laptop. Then if i reach sunday i will celebrate with choc chip cookies lol.



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