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19 weeks!!!

Hi all,

Just realised I achieved 19 weeks yesterday- woohoo soooo happy! I know i had a bit of a wobble a few weeks ago but certainly back on track now :-) I've had my professional accounting exams the last couple of days, first time i've done them without the crutch of smoking, and it's gone OK. Seemed a bit weird to come out of an exam and not light up, but weird in a good way.

I just wanted to let everyone know that even though you may hit a bit of a wall, stick with it, things are certainly better on the other side :D

Doris xx

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Hi Doris - Congratulations, you are nearly at the 5 month mark!!! That's fantastic, you must be really proud of yourself:)

And thanks for your words of encouragement to, I am at 12 weeks next week and still finding it very hard going (having just come off NRT) but I've read so many posts now from people around your stage of the quit saying stay with it and it will start getting easier soon - so I hope you're right!!

Good luck for your exam results as well - fingers crossed for you :D


Dotty doris 19 weeks is just cool :)


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