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Day 11 - Angry and Grumpy

Hi, haven't been on here yet but needed that extra bit of support as the GP doesn't want to know. I am on Day 11 and although feel positive I am grumpy and stressed - my family must be finding this fairly difficult :mad:

Running helps but not humanly possible to do that all waking hours!

Thanks any ideas would be greatly received

ps I am proud of myself :)

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Chin up xx

Well done on day 11 you should be and rightly so proud of yourself.....I am finding that with one really s**t day follows a good day. I am also on patches and inhalator. I did however have a set back on my day 13 so am now back to day 3, so maybe i am not the right person to offer advice!!!:eek:

There are some fantastic people on here, that i am sure will be along soon to offer their excellent advice.

I have been reading lots of post and am quite jealous of the 3 months on etc people even though some are still finding it hard.

Stay focused and well done again

Michelle xx


Hi Manda,

I found deep breathing really helped me and still does. Maybe St John's Wort, or kalms even. It's different for everyone, some ppl swear by vitamin b6, I never tried that. I am sure your family understand what you are going through and will support you. Post on here, read as much as you can as it really does help.

hang on in there :)


Taking long swigs of ice cold water worked for me....and counting all the money I had saved through not smoking took my mind of the cravings...try really does work...


hi missymand

brilliant day 11 done ....I know wot u mean with GPs they dont want to know ..

So glad ure here & you will get lots of support .......

ideas..posting on here ..crosswords, pc games, reading, cleaning:eek:( i know but it takes mind off quit)....decluttering, selling on ebay...just be buzy.. keep going almost 2 weeks ..proud of you too :)


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