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Any advice ladies?

Hi All,

Well my quit is going OK, 11 weeks today, cant believe I hit 3 months this time next week, to say I am shocked AND proud is an understatement!

This problem is not directly related to my quit but is hampering it somewhat and its to do with the dreaded PMT.............

A brief explanation of what happens.........2 weeks of every month I am in fine form, energetic, glowing, exercising and since quitting have felt better than I have since god knows when!

The other 2 weeks I start eating more and more so feel sluggish and fat, moods start to swing, exercise has to stop or slow down (not due to lazyness but due to pain in my know what I mean), muscles ache and spasm especially in my legs, life is generally horrible........

For the last 5 years nothing has really helped and that includes the doctor, they have only ever offered depression pills which I refuse as for my 2 'good weeks' I am naturally happy. I have tried evening primrose and I think rosehip a few years back, I use a smelling salts when I feel my temper getting out of control or a hot flush. I thought as there are a lot of ladies on here, maybe someone has tried something that they can recommend.

I am really open to trying anything, I had a bad day today and had a little row with OH that made me teary and I thought about cigarettes, I refuse to let the blasted hormones ruin my quit, but cant carry on this double life any longer, its physically and mentally draining....

I'm hopefully awaiting your replies with eager anticipation that there may be SOMETHING out there that might make a difference

Shelly xx

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Hi Shelly

No idea if this will help but it did for me - years ago and still now, even more so now with the quit..... good for mood stabilising .........

........... Omega tablets/oil (available in both preparations and some suitable for vegetarians too). Some women find Star-flower (herbal) helpful.

I don't eat fish very often so omegas 3, 6 and 9 were good. Since quitting I've also introduced St Johns Wort.

There were a few women in amongst the Octo Quitters that found SJW a mood saver ;) as did their OH's.

Quitting can be for some, an emotional roller coaster and learning to separate what are quit moods and everyday (or monthly) moods is good. Keep things from blurring as you are, and you'll do fine. It won't be long before things even out once more for you.

Keep positive and all the best

Pol :)


Sent private message Shelly x


Hi shelly

god me too..tell me about it & i used to smoke a lot in the unhappy time. so for me that time i really have to work at my quit .....starflower oil & multivits think its helping coz feel better .......:)

Hope you find something to help...pass on any advice please xxx:)


Thanks Pol,

Interesting, I currently take high dose multivits, Vitamin B (combined), evening primrose and vit C, I have recently come off omega 3 supplement as I got palpitations when I was on them and they seem to have stopped now Im off them, maybe I'll try the star flower, but I now think it is time to start taking the St Johns Wort, I have been pondering on it for ages but was worried what affect they may have as I am trying to conceive & sure I read somewhere they are a no no, but to be honest think they'd be a lot less risky than smoking and might just save my sanity!!

Whats more frustrating is that I know the particular moods are caused by PMT as I dont really get quitting moods anymore, just occasional cravings and pondering thoughts lol, but I worry greatly that when my mind isnt my own and I'm emotional I might pine for cigarettes so I really need to get it sorted!

Thank you for the advice xx


Hi Shelly,

I think that St Johns Wort interferes with the pill and anticoagulants-but not sure about conceiving.

lots of people swear by it though-so well worth a try.

still pondering on anything else I can add to advice already given.

Jeeze -being a woman is s*** sometimes . hang in there hun-and you havent smoked -good lass!!



sometimes it can be to do with blood sugar levels. I found a glass of wine helped during pmt moments but thats not the answer. get the right fluids down you and keep an adequate diet filled with natural sugars i.e fruit, dried and fresh.

Omega oilsesential balance is a good one for us hormonal mood swinging ladies. I'm taking multi vits, Acai extract, spirulina, kelp and loads of water and 4 meals per day to keep me 'sane'. i can be a moody so and so....!

When you find a curee let me know.


Shelly you have just described a typical month for me as well, and I sympathise with you so much as it is just awful. For 2 weeks I am stable, pretty stress-free, happy and then BAM! I get so narky with the children that I hate myself - I scream at them for the most ridiculous reasons, I'm miserable to my hubby, I get anxious, irritable and my wanting for a fag goes through the roof.

At the moment I am taking evening primrose+starflower oil (1000mg) a multi-vit + ginseng (for energy) zinc and I have just started taking a supplement called 5HTP which is proven to boost your seratonin levels similar to anti-depressants but naturally. I have only been taking it for a week but it's featured in a lot of articles on PMS. I was taking SJW previously but this is apparently even more effective (fingers crossed) I've also taken up running and swimming (5 times a week) as exercise releases endorphins which also boost your mood naturally, and I do find this effective.

My problem is that I still think that if I was smoking I could deal with my PMS better, and that is hampering my quit as it's always in the back of my mind

:mad: But you seem to be in a really good place with your quit, so hopefully you'll find some of the supplements mentioned helpful x


Thanks everone, Im going to town this afternoon armed with all the recommendations you've given, hope the health shop is ready for me!

I took the bull by the horns this morning, put on my new trainers, which have been in the box for 9 days and went for a walky run, felt really pleased that I tried to fight it off!

Only wish Id had some strong gaffa tape for my sore chest as they were all that held me back today, bloomin things!!

Thanks for all the advice, I will report back If I find anything works or eases the symptoms for me.......

Shelly xx


I had the same prob start at 12/13 weeks and is just lifting now and I do not get PMT, it is the quit. I have one banana a day and it eases after about a week and last week I ran out and 4 days later it was back.

Not sure if thats the cause but back on them, they are full off pottassium which is good for the muscles and I take magnessium and drink loads of water as I feel bad when I get dehydrated.

Want be the same for all but all the advice we can get when we feel rough ids good.


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