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Made day 7!!!!

Well, at 7.30 tonight I will have completed my first full week :D:D:D I can't quite believe how much difference 24 hours can make on this journey. Yesterday morning, I was sat here in tears feeling so low and so poorly, today, the sun is shining, there has been no moody mummy pushing the kids out to school and I feel great. For the first time since I started I slept through the whole night in a proper deep sleep, but my biggest achievement is that I had no craving or even thoughts about that first cigarette of the day:) Now got everything crossed that the day will continue like this (will cross tomorrow when it comes), hope everyone else has a great day too xx

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Claire, well done a whole 7 days that is fantastic. What a difference the sun shining can make, I remember my first week very well and shouting at the kids seemed to be all I did, well inbetween the crying and the shouting at the dog and the OH, but it does all pass and everyday you are a day stronger and a day further away from the nico monster.

Stay positive and if you do have a dip in mood remember how you feel right now and hold on to that.

Well done again, hope you are feeling really proud because you should.


You have the right attitude, one day at a time and take it slow and sure.

The days will get better but dont become complacent as he does tend to hide behind things and then leap out and thats when he can get you when you least exspect him too.

Relax and try not too think about it and it will become easier as it has for most of us, want say all because I know some have a really rough time and my heart goes out to them, but you are doing well and can only get better xx.

Hi Bev hope you are feeling good and strong as well xx


well done clair

A whole week done sound so happy ..good to hear

Glad your moods have lifted :)


Well done Claire

Keep positive and you will soon be posting on week 2 :D


what an uplifting post Claire -and so , so pleased you are having a better day.

to try and quit with little ones and all that stress is fab. no better reason though I suppose.

hold that feeling if you can of how proud you are . I am of you -cos I tried and failed too often when my lads were young .

and felt the shame when they were embarrassed to bring their friends home in their teens to a smokey house.

keep going hun -and I will too xx


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