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Still going out for a tab break, minus the tab =]


Hi everyone,

Thought I'd say hi - Just quit today (a few hours ago actually). According to the NHS quitsmoking app, I've saved £0.94 ha ha ha

Have had to stop smoking a few times for a few days at a time before due to being skint and it's been a complete nightmare every time: Unable to work, unable to concentrate or think correctly, feeling increasingly tempted to pick up butts off the ground (disgusting I know - that's what made me finally click and wake up to how vile smoking really is)...

For the past few days I've had the idea of quitting looming over my head and I've felt absolutely terrified - have been a very strong smoker for going on 12 years and professed to really enjoy it. Pity my lungs didn't ay? =D

Anyway, it's only been a few hours obviously but having made the "I've now stopped" decision, the fear has kind of left me aside form a (I think) healthy wariness not to take it for granted and that it may just be elation at the beginning =D

So I've stocked up on Cranberry Juice (I've heard fruit juice, and in particular fast releasing sugar juices like cranberry juice, are very in the first week or so), Carrots (to snack on...) and NicAssist Lozenges (never heard of the brand but they're cheaper than the alternatives and seem to have the same amount of nicotine in them)...

Have still decided to go outside for my morning and afternoon cigarette breaks though as (a) it gives me five minutes to clear my head and think/enjoy the sunshine whenever we have any, (b) I can actually have a breath of fresh air(!!) and a little exercise etc, and (c) Don't want the added attention of colleagues knowing I've quit so haven't told them - they can notice in their own time lol.

Anyway, look forward to reading other people's experiences on here, so talk to you soon =D


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Hello S

wow amazing ure in ure first day & saved 94p (LOL haha )) xxx

You post was brilliant to read & i think what you said goes through everyones mind if they honest with fag butts etc..

I do get you with added pressure of letting the world know uve quit..... juice is good think i need to learn a few things off you .uve seem to have it sussed:).... x

good to hear you 2 tomorrow & i will be looking for your post :)

Hi s

Welcome and congrats on your quit so far hun. Just take thing slowly baby steps day by day. The first few days are the worse but you soon see and feel the benifits. i smoked 40 plus a day for 35 years and If I can do it anyone can. Day one almost over. Keep strong.xxxx

Welcome to the forum and first question is dont you get the NRT free or am I under a misconception ??

I am glad that you have decided to come and join the mad house and give up smoking you will be so much better for it I promise you, within the week you will be breathing better and will have saved even more money, but thats not the best bit its that you have taken control back from the major demon so keep posting and also water is a brilliant quit aid and thats free, well sort of so come on and let us know how you are doing xx

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