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Stopped Today :D

Hello All,

After 4 years of smokeing, I decided to go see my GP yesterday to sort out a plan to quit smoking, my GP was really helpfull.

He put me on 21mg patches to start off with and over the next few months hes going to cut me down and down untill I am ready to stop useing them.

I was smokeing between 10 and 15 roll ups a day, but I have asthma and its getting worse so its best to quit. ( my bank balance might look better too :cool: )

Has any one got any advice for me, what to expect etc?

16 hours and 25 mins cigarette free :D

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Hi Ross you don’t say how old you are but hopefully under 30 as that’s the best time to quit as it gives your body the optimum heal, as you have asthma I would also think that it will make that easier to deal with and your medication will work better.

Did you have the asthma before you started to smoke if not then I would say it was smoke induced so will probably clear up either way you are doing the right thing and you probably know that already.

you may find that you will read the same things over and over again on here as if we are repeating ourselves but sometimes we have to as its repetition that finally makes things sink in.

Keep well hydrated with water, but sipping is better than gulping and try to cut out or at least cut down the caffeine intake, eat lots of good things including fruits and choccy, no strike the choccy :D.

Well that’s probably as much as you want to hear for now so read threads and also post often so we know how you are doing, take care as this quitting is not easy but so worth it in the long run x.

And one more thing check with your Doc on what exercise you can do as not only will that help with the quit it is also good for the asthma, mind you are probably going to say you already do exercise :D Stay focused and you will beat this thing.


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