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Day 3 gone well

After yesterday today has been smooth sailing! I went out with friends for a meal, and afterwards they all sparked up, it had been a rubbish day and I almost felt like I was going to cave. But then I thought how bad I'd feel if I barely managed over 48 hours. So glad I didn't because I know it can't get any worse then that, almost felt sorry for them having to have that smoke!

Didn't get much sleep though last night so today has been tough going time wise, but haven't felt like a smoke all day.

My throat is sore, but I see I'm not the only one with this symptom! Good to know my body is starting the long process of clearing all the gunk out.

Did just over a mile run today, just hope I can get some decent sleep tonight.

Feeling really confident again today, hoorah!

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Hi Matt Glad you have had a good day and how great do you feel for not caving when they smoked, and I bet that if you give it a few months what a buzz you will get when one of them says wish I could quit.

And a mile run tells me you are not that old so thats brillianrt as well because that means that you will get your health back on track along with you quit.

Stay focused and keep posting so we can see how well you are doing and so that you can get the support to keep you on track, I hope you want need it though x

PS sleep is always a bit of a prob but it does get better


Thanks for your post jamangie, this week seems like it's taking forever to be honest!

I've had some personal issues in the last month so my sleeps been rubbish even before going smoke free, it's hard to tell which is to blame! But I know it's 100x better going trying to go back to sleep then chain smoking from 5am till I go for work.

I'm 15 minutes away from 72 hours now, I know this is the hardest part and I'm just looking forward to the weekend so I can sleep a bit in the day if I feel like it.

Once I've got past week one it'll be a great mile stone. I really do believe this forum is helping me, it's funny how support from total strangers can help so much, but I guess we're all going through or been through the same thing.


You are welcome sweetheart The first weeks a hard one and although you may have others that are compareable non will touch the first, Having issues at the same time as quitting makes you a strong person as you are facing your fears head on cause we all get probs and that can make us slip back to being a smoker but u have got them and its not stopping you being smoke free so you will definately be a quitter for good.

The sleep problems may have been there before the quit but they are a real bummer to most people at first me included so that will improve quite quickly,drink plenty of water and a nice warm bath before bed and you will sleep like a baby and wake every three hours for a drink LOL jokeing,

And this forum is brilliant and will if used a lot will keep you focused and give you loads of support xx


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