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day 9- whats going on


If you told me on day 2/3 i would reach day 9, I would have laughed at you, but here I am. I have woke this morning with an incredibly sore throat. My glands ar up and I feel unwell. Is this part of the quit or could it be a virus? Normally when I feel unwell, I smoke like a chimney, comfort I think) lets see how I cope with this one.......Good luck for today everyone x

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Well done Shojam, day 9 is brilliant.

Hope you fell better soon & why would you want to smoke with a horrible sore throat anyway? Just think of drawing that nasty acrid, hot, chemical ridden smoke past your already sore throat. That should put you off :eek::D

Take care of yourself.

G xx

ha ha, think that post has done the trick, thanks :D

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