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Here I go again - but with some support this time hopefully

Hi everyone,

Just about to smoke my last cigarette - I won't say hopefully as I am determined this time.

I am very good at giving up but usually last until I get into the office on Monday and see my smoking buddy! (so might not smoke a for a week if I am holiday) I honestly don't even think about smoking until I meet up with someone else who smokes and I think I can have just one with them - buts its never just one.

I am a mum of a one year so really really want to stop.

Any advise about dealing with temptation when your friends still smoke would be great.

I wish everyone else good luck.


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Hi Z,

Welcome & well done on your decision to quit.

Being around other smokers is a hard one especially in those early days even more so if you can't avoid them at all. My OH still smokes so can't avoid him LOL (he does go outside at home). You just have to be real tough with yourselves & grit your teeth, you can't ask for one if you are doing that! After tackling that situation a couple of times you will prove to yourself you do not have to have one as well & you survived! It will get easier after that. I just find myself trying not to breathe the smoke in as it's awfull. The longer you quit & the more positives you notice will make it easier to resist. Let me tell you as someone who has many blips & restarts they taste b****y awful.

Good luck to you, keep reading & posting on here & the links in peoples signatures.

Gaynor x


Morning Z and Gaynor, its not easy as we all know but we can make it easier for ourselves by standing firm, only ourselves can carry the quit along and you will have to see people in a different light and then sometimes walk away till you get stronger.

Its sad cause I am now 4 months + and have had to leave some freinds behind but last sat I was able to go to a party and stand outside with some of them while they smoked and hand on heart I did not want one and did not like the smell so went back in on the dance floor and did some real fast dancing which 6 months ago I woulkdnt have lasted 5 mins.

Look around at parties the smokers dont dance much??

Take care and you will stay quit read some off the posts and that will sustain you xx


Hi, Z, the thing that really helped me was to read everything I could about the addiction, to know why I smoked thinking I enjoyed it? To learn the lies of the addicts brain and to be aware of the traps. Go to the links on the posts and it might give you a bit more ammo to say NOPE, Not One Puff Ever. Stay strong for you and your baby.



Thank you for the support everyone. Day one went very well even though someone offered me a cigarette and I had many opportunities to ask for one. :D



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