Day 68

Hi Everyone,

Day 68 today & I am feeling so strong & proud of myself I could burst :eek:

Have picked up the first of the last step patches today which I will start tomorrow. I should start them Monday but if I start tomorrow I can get over any changes at home & not have to deal with them at work at the busiest time of the month! It's only 2 days after all ;)

Hope everyone is ok & looking forward to the long weekend :D

Gaynor xx

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  • well done Gaynor, you must be so proud of yourself. I am on day 5 so what feels like a lifetime behind you....keep up the good work :p

  • How fantastic are you, Day 68 is amazing, and you are soo chipper!

    Loving the upbeat, positive Gaynor, lets keep her.

    Hope you have a fantastic long weekend and that the sunshines for you.

  • Gaynor I envy you :-]

    well done girl. Have you treated yourself recently? A nice little pat on the back or pamper perhaps? lol


  • Day 68 today & I am feeling so strong & proud of myself I could burst :eek:

    Good for you G. Right what Bev says about your positive attitude now, as you know she's not the only one to notice it. The longer you go smoke free the more you appreciate the advantages of not smoking so keep it up kiddo. David. xx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies & support :D

    Shojam, You may feel like you are way behind me but I promise the longer you are quit the faster the days go & the easier it gets. Just hang on in there & before long you will posting the same. Post every milestone you reach & savour the moment to carry you through to the next one ;)

    Bev, I shall do my best to stay positive on this quit, cannot honestly see a reason not to now. Wish other things in life where as easy to sort as this quit has been :rolleyes:

    Alexis, Don't envy me as this is your for the taking. Just stay strong & positive & remember you can achieve this :D Oh, I pamper myself all the time now LOL.

    David, I will keep it up this time. Smoking is something I used to do but not anymore, ever.

    Gaynor xx

  • Hi Babe so glad you are up beat and happy and that you are now so much stronger in your quit, I think 68 days is super dupper and I am trying to work out in my head were that is in month talk and to be honest who gives a toss :) just glad that its going up each day so now its 69 oops are we allowed to say that :eek:

  • Oooooooooo, 69 - didn't even notice, trust you Jamangie


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