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Twiste ? its gotta be 8 months today surely?

Thomas, i know you are forgetful, can totally relate to that.. but omg.. 8 months now.. you gotta be happy.

I know you totally forgot your 7 months one, so i'm gonna give you a shout on for your 8th :)....

check in fella!!!

your 7 month 'forgot' post :)

Anyway, super well done on 8 months, you are proof that the longer we quit, the more crazy our brains get :)

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I have sent him an email, so hopefully he will get himself sorted and we can make a big fuss of him, cause I know how much he likes that :eek:


ROFL, guys........ yes the 27th was 8 months and as Bev said in her email " I do believe it's getting easier ". Sorry Jase and Bev I did notice the milestone this time around but I have a excuse.........Last Friday night around 3 AM, just about the time you guys are getting up and getting started over there, I heard this strange mewing sound in my house. After 30 minutes of searching the house I come to the conclusion that a feral cat made its way into my attic and had a or a bunch of kittens, one of which found a break in the wood and fell in too the wall. Took 5 holes and about a hour and a 1/2 but I pulled 3 1/2 WEEK old kitten out of my walls. Cute as hell too. Anywho, I've been feeding the hungry little thing every two hours and am a bit tired. Thats my story and I'm stickin too it.

I always have a rant for the peeps struggling with the quit so here it is........

You have too want it REALLY WANT IT!!!! work hard, read the posts, when your struggling post post post. Then reply to others posts. Misery love company and we all have that in the quit. It will be hard, it will suck, you will want to smoke, be stubborn and do your best. Do not let the addiction tell ya you can't make it. You can do it and after a bunch of pain in the ass months you will feel better and soooooooo very proud of yourself. I am lazy and I have no self control or willpower but some how I found the resolve to quit after 29 years..... YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS, there is no other acceptable option


Congratulations on getting your 8 months 'done and dusted', brilliant. How kind of you to rescue the little kitten and look after it, are you going to keep it and what are you going to call it?



Yea, I'm going to keep him and I've decided to call him Bagheera after the panther in The Jungle book.:D


What part of "don't quote me on that" did you not understand :eek:

Loving the cat story, and a great choice of name, what about some pics, cause you know me I love a cat pic ;)

It is great to see you doing so well, I'll be joining you in the 8 month club on Sunday.


Didn't understand a thing LOL. If I did this right there should be a Pic posted of the kitty.:D


Big congrats to you on 8 months quit Thomas :cool: Good message in your post too.

Great to see the kitten you rescued.............. well worth the trouble I'm sure.

May you and Bagheera have some fun times together.

Have to say though....... he looks scared ****less in the pic ;)


When i was at home, we had a female cat that had just had kittens.. one night after they had been born the mother cat went out for a 'toilet visit' one night as normal.. and never returned. Much sadness obviously, but we had on our hands 5 kittens.. eyes not open yet, and no mother cat to speak of.

We called an emergency vet and got hold of all the correct milk + bottles and I remember so well hand feeding those kittens, through the night, and day too... all 5 survived.. we found truly wonderful homes for 3 of them.. and 2.. we kept, we called them 'bonnie n clyde' a male and a female.. and i have never owned two cats like them.. they were amazing.. to say those cats looked out for me was an understatement.. and the female.. bonnie.. had a litter or two of kittens before she had 'the op' and i remember so well that when she was close to giving birth to her kittens that she meowed through the house for me to come and be present...

i witnessed both of her two litters.. and for me with a pet.. this was one of the biggest gifts i was ever given.. to see life born like this.. again.. and especially from a cat that had such a rotten start in life with no mum.

The only thing that has ever bested this was the birth of my own daughter, but i hold new life as being the most important thing in this world.

So I salute what you have done.. and it makes me really happy to see what you are doing there.

Nicely done.




Big concragulations mate.

I'll be with you in the 8 month room tomorrow - lets have a gumbo and a pint!


Can you hold the party till Sunday and then I can join in?


Bev - we sure can!!!


Thanks AG, how bout Monday I'm workin straight through JazzFest ans crawfish Bread is much better then gumbo. I'm thinkin Chimay Blue as a good beer to wash it down with.


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