No Smoking Day
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Hey gang.

I have a REALLY bad headache!! I think its because I haven't worn a nicotine patch in the last 3 days, I don't really have any cravings to smoke. Esp when I feel this shit. My headache is pulsating in the left temple lobe area, im convinced its my body regressing the fact theres no nicotine left in there, or its healing. Or its just a headache

Day 17. staying strong.


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Was just going to say same as Chrissie Dehydration is the most common cause of headache after quit because unconsciously we don’t drink so much because smoking goes with drinking and therefore we get the dehydrate thing I did so you need more fluids not tea or coffee though as when we quit the caffeine is twice as strong to our body as when we were smoking.

I stopped caffeine completely at about 3 weeks and haven’t gone back to it, see how it goes and if no better see Dr He will prob give you something to relieve tension or just reassurance xx


Haha flying solo means something totally different to me ;) it does feel great tho, thanks. Would never have thought this day would come but it feels like im never gonna smoke again!

Does this dehydration thing distress you guys as much as it does me? I mean how many years have we put our bodies through this pain & misery :/

Thanks for the tips, im gonna start to cut back on caffeine. I started playing footy again now mr.suns back out but I've drank way too much redbull over the previous week to help give me the energy..Water & juice from now on! and mmmmmm cranberry yum

Btw. any thoughts on the reason why our bodies absorb more caffeine post-quit? Instinct tells me its because we've supressed our bodies for so long and now our engines have kickstarted its absorbing everything it can to fix up and get back on its feet.


Hi Alex as for the medical reasons not sure just that when we smoke the caffein is down to half strength and when we stop it is full strength, also the drinks you have been taking give you a wacking headache, so that could be a reason as well.


each redbull has about 70mg's caffeine in that little can too, so approx 140mg + all the coffee/tea I drink everyday isnt good. started my one cup of coffee a day ritual today, stocked up on cranberry juices, bottles of water.

Ready to rock n roll!



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