No Smoking Day
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So far so good!!

Hi all,

3 days 21hrs and holding up quite well. Cravings have been hellish but not bad enough for me to even think about giving in. Lots if chewing gum and trebor strong mints are keeping me going. Best thing is I find is trying to keep myself busy, took kids swimming then out to lunch today and before I knew it the day was nearly over! Posting here is also a great way to take yourond off a craving.

Off for another mint!! Keep going everyone, I know weekends can be especially hard for some.


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Hi :)

To get through the weekend so positively is very encouraging. Good on you :)

Keep busy, fill that void (that not smoking may leave) with something fun and good and be prepared to dodge the nico demon with what he may throw at you. Read and read and remember, it's your quit and your in charge :)

All the best



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