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Here I am again!!

hi all,

i am back with my tail between my legs as usual. i gave up for 3 weeks in february and, as per, cracked on a night out, and fast fell down the slippery slope to 20 a day. So annoyed and intended to stop every single day since. Smoked a few in the day on Tuesday and then, on a whim, decided just to quit then and there instead of going to the shop to buy more. I like the idea of just stopping suddenly, thinking about it is too stressful. So I got my unused supply of patches and put one on. So , 48 hours later I am still not smoking, and feel pleased. decided to come back to the forum as it is helpful to know I am not alone in this battle. My boyfriend smokes and it can be hard, but the way I see it, I will always encounter temptation and it is up to me how I react to it. I feel really strong this time. i have stopped so many times, i deserve a place in the guinness book of records. How tedious! I actually stopped for 9 years CT, no problems at all. Getting older is a disadvantage, will-power is not so forth-coming. Maybe that is just an excuse or the fags really take hold after so many years. I do miss them but feel better already and love the fact that I am not actively damaging my health every hour or so. This gives me a high in itself. I keep reminding myself that smoking does not relieve stress and I will continue to make mistakes in my life whether I am smoking or not. I have read the Allan carr book - what a great man he was, a truly clever approach which has worked for so many. So, I will deicate this quit to him. And try to ensure that it is my final one!!!

Good luck to you all in your quest for freedom and well done to all of the february quitters who are still smoke-free. xox

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Hiya , 9 YEARS :eek:WOW yes that does bring it home . Good luck and chin up with this quit .xxxx


Hey Rachel xx good luck with your quit....from reading your 9 year quit & what other people say to me ...suppose it never leaves us ..not really..that makes me mad((not with you rachel)) just that we are all trying like hell & the fact is it that our hard work could be taken away anytime ..because of the stupid reason we all smoked once upon a time......

A forever fight then xx:)

all the best rachel in ure quit for keeps xx


I don't believe a quit can be 'taken away' from you - but I do believe you can give it away.

If, after a lengthy period, you decide to put a cigarette in your mouth, who's fault is it? Harsh as it may sound, it's your own!

I stopped last year, was quite comfy in my quit (using patches) when my mother dropped dead. I put a cigarette in my mouth because 'it's what people do in times of crisis - they smoke' - but at the same time, my rational intelligent brain knew that I was using it as an excuse to have a ciggy. Smoking, I knew, wasn't going to change anything. My mother would be no less dead, the situation wouldn't be any less shocking - but I would be back to being a smoker.

No one forced me to smoke, no one took my quit away from me. I gave it away - and I think I also gift wrapped it and topped it with a pretty ribbon when I gave it.

Anyhoo, good luck Rachel!


Hi Rachel,

Here's to another long quit then! Good luck and enjoy it :)


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