No Smoking Day
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Now completely nicotine free!

Hi everyone.

This is my last day in the three months forum - I'm moving on to the next one.

It's also my second day with no nicotine gum at all and I feel like a kid let out of school early. Happy, joyous and free!

Here's a link to a very interesting article on nicotine withdrawal:


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Good for you Sue, that's brilliant :D

I have yet to come off my patches & lozenges but can imagine it feels great to be totally free. Well done you ;)

Gaynor x


Well done Sue that's fantastic!

You're doing great.

keep going! :D

Jen x


Stick with it Sue, Your on the right path.

I can remember the strange sensation of being totally Nic free for the first time in 22 years.

A great achievement for you, keep it up and never doubt your decision to quit, It was the best one you ever made.


Thats wicked sue ..such a short time & uve made it xx well proud of you mate:)


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