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Goodness Gracious Me.....Month 2

Hi All,

Being a bit cheeky & posting my month 2 which is tomorrow in case I don't get time to get on here ;)

Can't beleive it has been 2 months since I quit. I don't think about how long it's been at all this time round. It's just not so important as when I have tried before & would constantly check how long it's been. If Chrissie (thanks) hadn't reminded me earlier in the week I would have missed it!

On the whole the last 2 weeks have been relatively easy. Odd moments of wanting a ciggie but mostly have forgotten about it very quickly. Had a 'moment' today at work when I was almost tempted to scrounge a fag off someone, not sure why, but didn't so can celebrate with a clear conscience!

I have one more week on step 2 patches before I change to the final ones. Will be good not have a patch taped to my arm (they won't stick otherwise) :rolleyes:

To all of those still early in their quits, keep at it. The longer you go the easier it gets. Focus on all the good things you have noticed since you stopped, write them down so if you have a 'moment' you can remind yourself why you are doing this :)

Hugz, G xx

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Massive massive congrats and go girl go 2 months whenever doesnt matter you are doing so well even with all the cra* that you have had to deal with so big hugs and keep it up xx


Thanks Jamangie,

I have to beat last years record of 3 months :rolleyes: This time it's for good :D

G x


HEY Gaynor

Im sooooooooo proud of you my matey ....xx 2 months is well & truely smug worthy ..xx

I would raise a glass if i had one xx In congratualting you xx will a cup of tea do :D:D

My patches aint that good either shot & if u need to move it slightly uve had it (plasters out )) lol haha xx

looking behind & ure always there xx quit for keeps this time gaynor :D


easy Im sure with all the great support you will get from us load of nuts xxx


Thanks Chrissie & KitKat,

Feel SO good today. The sun is shining & I have not smoked 1,183 cigs over 60 days :D

Now if only I could shift this weight.......I must be the only peron to diet & PUT ON weight :rolleyes:

Hope everyone is feeling good today as well ;)

Gaynor x



no doubt in a few months it will be your hello in the Penthouse ...keep going hun ........ :)


Yes Bradders, I'm on my way :D

G x


Well done Gaynor, brilliant finishing 2 months, keep believing in yourself. Enjoyed your pamper party the other day.



Good for you G. Know you can do it this time, you're ready for it, can feel it in my water. David. xx


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