No Smoking Day
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3months 3weeks and an annoyed but worried me...still

im back:D

im on 3months 3weeks so my days quit has hit tripple figures:D

i havn't been here for a while (im sorry) but for a catch up on my life:

1st, marg u will kill me more, i managed to block paige on facebook after finding the block option after getting really confused and lost while playing games so that didnt help haha, but it gets worse because on easter monday when she got back off holiday i got a text from her and ill quote every bit it said

i dont know what your on about, you will need to explain, i dont see whats wrong with talking to you tbh. X

yes i did get a big x and also what she meant by i dont know what your on about, you will need to explain (which i never did explain because oh no ive "lost" my phone) which is where you said her talking to me is her playing with my feelings etc and i told a friend and they text her sommert like u enjoy this done you, stop playing these games with geoff, its not funny, its really upsetting but yeah i thought that should be said

2nd to loads of people in my lessons for dumb people (its what i call them...these are the maths and english lessons ive been attending) ive been making progress...sort of

in english ive done my E3 (entry 3) exam and passed it...apperantly and the next stage is L1 (level 1) but im being ambishous now and going the next stage to L2 (level 2) which is equivalentto a GCSE english at grade D - C (which is what i wanted until a screwed the GCSE'S up last year) and i took a pratice last week and got 23/40, did one this week and got 24/40 (pass mark is 30/40...apperantly) so what ive done is learnt from my mistakes and ive got a 3rd pratice test i asked for and i might see if with a month to go i can crack L2 and get it done, in maths im dreading the test as i started so late i needed to catch up...big time so i was a lad on a mission and ive got some revision sorted and more stuff is sticking into my brain...somehow

3rd driving lessons are fine, last sunday i did my emergency stop which well...i was impressed with, i completed it 3rd time around, 1st time i went on the brake and accidently came off it and back onto it straight away, 2nd time braking and clutch was fine, but i didnt secure the car correctly (i put it in neutral 1st then put hand brake on) 3rd time around i didnt it perfectly and this was all done at 40mph so i was happy

4th 2 weekends ago almost everyone was being driven up the wall in the village...apart from me, i was being drive up the wall, around a corner and on the verge of going insaine, on 10/4 at 5.30pm someones house alarm went off, all through saturday night and into sunday morning the alarm went off, all through sunday daytime the alarm went off non-stop until at 1.30am on 12/4 the alarm finally stopped...FREEDOM

5th last week on a dday of the week (cant rember which one) at 2am i remberd i left my sunroof and my passanger window and my back windows to my car open, went downstairs very quietly trying to not wake up mum and succeeded, got outside, got in my car, put key in ignition to operate my electric passanger window, shut the rest of the windows, went to turn it all off and i kinda turned the key the wrong way so i kinda started my engine up at 2am, locked the car, legged it into the house, shut the door and locked it etc quielty and got back into of course

6th im hoping im not bring you but im still worried, even tho me and sal say we love each other etc im still worried she will find someone even though she says she will break up with anyone for me when we know the time for us to get togher is right, i just know deep down inside she is the one, she said 1 night she was going to commit sucide and i was really sad until she said do i want to know why she didnt, i asked her and she said, because god knows i was born to be with you now that i wasnt expecting at all.

sunday night when i called her she we had a lil chat and part of it was this

sal: i got a condition for you

me: whats that?

sal:are you still quitting smoking

me: yeah and still doing 99% of it for you

sal: well if you want to smoke then you can...but i will as well, if you dont smoke...i wont

me: you know i dont want to start again but what your doing is making sure i definatly dont start again because you know how much i dont want you to smoke

sal: it will be better for...

i put the ... because i think im boring you all, but yeah basically shes setting me free but she knows i dont wanna start again but she also knows i dont want her smoking so...yeah...i hope u lot understand that part haha

to sal - if you do end up reading this (which she might because she does like to follow my progress bless her) i want you to know i love you alot and im here for you when ever xxx

well thanks for reading


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Cheers little buddy, well done on your 3 months plus! You've moved on from Paige to Sal, quit the fags, and learned to drive.... not too shabby for a youngster ;) Keep it up, okay! bella xx


Well done Geoff, you are achieving so much, not smoking, english, maths, driving and dating, good for you, keep up the good work.



Congrats on your continuing quit I also want comment on your love life either, it’s like Chris said its way to complicated but you are doing really well and will Im sure continue to stay smokefree xx


Hey mate

3 months + is fab ...& dont forget it ...dont think about smoking or i wont share out my kitkats with you xxx :D


Hi Geoff my mate.

Well what can I say. A Big well done mate. I hope you feel proud of yourself. I feel proud for you mate. Don't stop trying to do what you want to do now you are achieving so much.

Speak soon buddy.

Lots of love

Ju x


hi all

thanks for the replies

i took my maths test on monday and my teacher has marked it but she needs to send it off, if her marking is correct i would of passed it with 1 wrong answer

in my english i have passed my exam and with 3 weeks left next week i am doing some more learning and the week after that i will take my L1 test (equivalent to a GCSE grade D in english) and then ill be well happy.

hopfully next term i could be in college and doing my lessons working my way up (L2 in english equivalent to GCSE grade C in english and L1 and L2 in maths eventually)

then ill be well happy with myself after being kicked out of college coming from nothing to something...hopfully



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