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Neck/shoulder pain?


Hi all. I'll be moving into the 4 to 5 months part of the forum soon. :)

I went to the doctors yesterday to complain about my neck/shoulder pain. He says it's all muscular tension, no real physical damage to joints, tendons etc. The human body truly is a strange and marvelous thing. That stress could have such a dramatic effect as to lock all those muscles up just boggles my mind.

Anyway he's told me to self-refer for free NHS physiotherapy. I have been wondering if still being on a tiny bit of nicotine is helping or not. I'm down to 3 nicotine gum a day. Would it be best to just cut them out altogether? Is dripping tiny bits of nicotine into my system just teasing my nicotine receptors? Keeping my addiction alive but never satisfying it?

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Hi Sue

I went Docs with similar thing but mine was legs and back he told me probably tension from the quit but nothing serious, but do think everything that happens to us after we quit is blamed on it.

Probably blame the quit if you went and found you were pregnant LOL

Have you thought about stretching exercises, I got a small booklet from surgery and do that now and it seems to loosen up the body and I don’t ache quite so much?

Physiotherapy will be good and if its free snatch there hand off.

Welcome to room 4/5 and hope you feel better soon.

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