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No Smoking Day
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Just done the night-time half Marathon for Cancer Research in Manchester!

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would let you know that on Saturday night me and a group of 7friends took part in "The Shine" half marathon walk for Cancer Research. I haven't directly been affected by Cancer, nor yet have any of my family (not even the smokers, although their health is getting a lot worse), but people close to me have lost lots of people due to the deadly disease. I have always thought its important to raise money for the research. I do genuinely believe one day (sooner rather than later) we will find a cure.

But basically the reason I am mentioning this is because we all had our numbers on the front like you do, and messages on our back to say who we were shining for. Some of the messages broke my heart. One girl, couldn't have been older than 12, was shining for her mum.

Cancer is the main reason I am quitting because I am petrified of getting it. Also it was just brilliant to have everyone there for the same reason. About 8,000 of us walking the streets of Greater Manchester with our illuminated balloons and back packs, and you know, i only saw one person have a cigarette. Now whether this was because smokers had more sense and didnt light up or whether really the majority of people there were non-smokers or ex-smokers. See so we really are not alone. We were more alone when we smoked.

I hope everyone is doing well anyway, keep it up, as from tomorrow I can move into week 3! If we can do this long we can do it always! :)



Smoked 10 a day for 13 years :eek:

Tried to quit two years ago and failed at the first “emotion hurdle” :confused:

Last cigarette 06.04.10 and now using patches

Feel absolutely great and in control instead of the Nicotine Monster! :)

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hi tryingmybest

Wot a beautiful read.. Thanks for sharing xxx:)


Keep going with the patches... the victory over the nicotine will come from you, but the patches will help a lot. I quit last year with patches, and have been patch free since Sept '09, so you keep on going with them and i hope to see you succeed also.

Great post about 'The Shine', hopefully might inspire folk who saw you all pass by to have a good think too. If one person quit smoking or made a positive health change as a result then thats a full win for the cause.

Gooo on cancer research.. keep on shining !! :)


Thanks guys!

Yeah I am hoping more people join in next year, the Event Manager said us alone on Saturday, well she was hoping for us to have raised around the £1m mark...that would be amazing, Cancer Research spend £17m a year just in Manchester alone on research so every little helps.

One thing with the patches though, I am going to cut down to step 3 as from tomorrow, but at first I only had the nightmares to contend with (which I have got used to now) but my headaches are getting progressively worse, is this the norm? x


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