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woohooo incoming me to week 3

Finally after a blip put me back to day one I'm here facing week 3. A lot has changed these few weeks. I won't say it's been easy with my husband and me giving up smoking but it's something temporary as that's just part of giving up smoking. I'm still on the patches only on 10mg but I think it's more psychological crutch at this point and to be honest as long as I'm not smoking I honestly can handle patches for a while.

I have got back into the gym though. I think after this session today though I need to go back to the drs and adjust my blood pressure tablets as keep getting low readings - it's good news though as seems smoking was major cause of blood pressure. Oddly I found out I have lost 1/2 stone since giving up smoking - probably due to nervous energy I'm thinking lol. I still get cravings infact today was quite bad for that but I just ride them out and know tomorrow is a new day. To be honest not sure how I'm loosing weight the amount of jelly beans and starburst smoothies I've been popping this week :P

Some may think I'm barking but I have finally made a personal and also public to a few people goal of running a marathon in 5 years - I like to take a long run up :P No way I can do that and smoke so I'm determined to stay off them.

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Well done karmatosed 3 weeks is just brilliant xx

You sound all positive too x A buzz to read :)

Dont imagine it as been easy with 2 quitters in the house lol xxx (laughin in a nice way) xxx Think i would hav proper cracked up x

Sounds good with the running & all that ..something to go for xx



Thank you. I'm heading up into week 4 now so pleased with how it's going sure it's hard and yeah I'm still on the patches but I'm not smoking and that to me is what counts.


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