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Day 83 and its got all easy again



just a little update,

Since my slip on day 62, ive been good. No more smoking, to be fair ive not even come close.

Things have got much easier, I wouldnt say that ive gone a day without smoking yet but maybe half a day. And when I do think about smoking its not a crave really its just a thought that passes. I even suprise myself when I do get these thoughts at how long it has been since the last one lol.

Things have got easy and ive saved £290 and 900 cigs.

My lifes moved on now, Smoking heavily at the weekends was a part of who I was, Its not now and I dont miss it and neither do my non smoking friends.

I find smokers annoying, you have to wait of them to get a fix, sit in the beer gardens when its freezing lol

My goal was to stop smoking before I moved out into my own house, I feel ive done that now and will start house hunting in august, By then i will have been stopped 7 months !

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