Hello Week 2!

Actually made it a whole week and more! I'm quite proud of myself, Im using NRT patches and went the whole day today without wearing one, but with one safely tucked away in my pocket. Had to stick it on at about 10pm tonight when someone severely f***ed me off I felt the urge coming on, I am learning to cope with those situations you revert to a good ole cigarette in times of need!

I've decided to give up alcohol on my quit this time round and detoxifying my body properly, but havn't coughed up any gunk as apposed to the other times i quit? Any ideas as to why? I'm starting Day 9 now!


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  • well done 9 days is good.. keep your patches with you so no excuses lol

    no you are doing well keep reading and posting


  • Thanks June,

    I see why they say the 2nd week is the hardest!! Having so many thoughts of 'Oh one can't hurt'...decided to stay clear of anything or anyone that would remotely cause me to smoke this week :S


  • Hi alex

    sorry i missed the bit in your post over you not having a cough well ive not ..i had a cough for years but from day 1 of me quitting my cough stopped i was on antibiotics and steriods for a chest infection at the time ..so weather or not they helped i cant really say..but ive read on here others who have not developed a cough so maybe we are the lucky ones.. and you are right you cant just have one ..dont do that i blipped myself and it did nothing for me made me feel worse so dont go there...


  • Hi alex

    10 days now ..brilliant

    I havent coughed up ought yet either ??:confused:

    well done no patch xx think mine are now part of my skin (over 10weeks later :D) xxx

    your doing well mate xxx

  • Doing a cracking job there! I stopped drinking for a while about 6 weeks in to my quit. The difference it made in terms of the way I was feeling was like night and day. Strangely enough I've had the odd beer over the past couple of weeks and it's generally made me feel like crap.


    what have I leant? *takes sip from beer*

  • maybe we truly are the chosen ones!! The ones to not be cursed by the horrendous gunk coughing and heaving and mmmmmm yum! :D

    Thanks kitkat, i do admit it does feel good having gone 10 days without. But 10 weeks wow, just think by the time I get to where you are (time flies by ;)), you'll be coming upto your 6 month mark...well done you!

    Lol stav, I do think its best giving em both up together. Letting the body heal to its best potential. But if we give up everything we love doing what else is there? Luckily I reacquainted my love with chocolate :D


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