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Video of my mate JB counting his fag money

Click on link above and have a look at this inspirational video I made of my mate JB opening up 5 weeks savings of cash saved from stopping smoking........warning he is pissed-so some bad language-please leave a comment after watching as he is still battling the nico-demons!!!

all the best every-one keep up the great work-Im now for 18months and LOVING IT!!!!

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lol, quality


thanks for taking the time to watch the video-it is funny watching him pissed!!!

And guys-YOU ARE BOTH DOING FANTASTIC......i dont even think about them now-best thing i ever did....keep it up xxxxx


Hi Chrissie chick

Hows things hope your ok. Dont get on here much now to think there was a time i would spend every spare moment here. It was a great place once.

I will try and pop in more see how your doing.xxxxx


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