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On 7th week

Am going into my 7th week, used champex for first fortnight, not sure if it did anything apart from make me feel sick. Have had good days and bad days, but still managing to avoid them. I really want to do it this time and i am definitely comforted by you all on here sharing, i didn't realise there were so many of us out there committed to stopping. I took the steps of joining here today in the hopes that hearing from other people like me would make me feel less lonely in trying to stop. I am now hopefully convinced of safety in numbers. is a new tactic i am trying :-)

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Hi, Welcome :)

There's some great advice here, a lot of which can be found in the links in folks signatures.

Getting support and giving it too, really helps to maintain a quit and promote the feeling that the ups and downs than can happen, are all worth it.

Congrtats to you on your nearing 7 weeks without smoking, that's impressive and already shows a great deal of commitment and strength. If you've felt it's been a roller coaster of emotions with craves etc, then I hope now that things calm down for you. Month 3 saw a turning point for me and seeing the sense in continuing with being quit.

Keep up the great work, post often and read ahead (3 Months and 4 Months etc)to see what's in store. Forewarned, forearmed...... really can help.

All the best



Hi mcgoldfinger

Well done you - you are doing great :) Good days or bad days - this is a great place to post!

I'll second what Pol says - I found reading the links helped me loads and still do :)

Stay strong


Still doing well

Update on my progress, i have to say, this time it feels different, whether it's to do with taking the champex at the beginning or not, Who knows?

Its been around 15ish weeks and i have not had even an inkling for a cigarette, I personally think it's down to right place,time,situation,state of mind and sheer will power.

I have to admit though, i have been ill with colds, flu's, chest related things, so i think that i stopped just in time and all this is the ciggies , but again, who knows.

I changed my routine, i go to work on time rather than early so i could nick for a cig before i i started, i've joined a gym. Some small things some not so small things have changed, but i believe i have finally done it this time, but i am ever vigilant and wary of the next stressful situation, which i also try to handle differently.

Fingers crossed and all that ;-)


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