Day 3 so far has been fine. You were dead right in the day 2 post about it being harder. Yesterday I was a total mess - today I have sailed through without thinking much of cigs at all.

Happy bunny today :)

So no alleyway jogging for me tonight. Off to get my long hair cut off :eek:

Fancy a change so it's changing colour and going short I think. Might chicken out beforehand though. I'll let you know later!

Happy Thursday folks

Nic xx

2 Replies

  • Hi Nic, well done on day 3.

    A new look for a new you - way to go ;)

    Gaynor x

  • Well done

    Hi Nic

    Well done on day 3 - I found getting past that day gave me a real boost to carry on as they say you're nicotine free :eek:

    Did you go through with the haircut?

    Stay strong :)



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