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for my husbands 1 year quit tomorrow. I am truly proud of my man He's had a couple of drinking blips but is doing brilliantly! Also to a very lovely person I met on here who has become most dear to me. She doesn't post anymore but sometime this next week or so she will be 1 year smoke free. Well done to her. I am truly proud and feel very privilaged she has become such a lovely friend.

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Hi Fiona ..nice post hun :D

Congratulations to both of them as they get to 12 months and in turn begin their second year of remaining smoke free .:cool:

Best wishes Trev

quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

8 months C.T


Congratulations to your Man and too your friend whoever they may be, one year is probably the main goal when you quit and then hopefully it is an easier road to travel xx


1 year tomorrow, i'll congratulate him now then.. well done to him!!!!!

and indeed.. to your.. friend who is due the 1 year soon, :)


Well done to both of them Fiona. Let's give them a proper fanfare. David


Big WELL DONE to both of them Fi :cool:

I never realised your hubby had quit or quit so soon after you began your quit..... remarkable indeed and great for you and the kids.

A win win journey.



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